ASN.1 Compiler
Create bespoke telecoms protocol software stacks with the Saturn Eclipse ASN.1 Compiler.

A technical overview

Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1) is used in telecoms to standardise the way in which protocols are encoded and decoded.

Saturn Eclipse offer various bespoke interfaces which ASN.1 can be utilised to develop telecoms protocols. The ASN.1 compiler outputs a Java API that can be tailored to suit customer requirements.

Protocols – LTE

  • 3GPP RRC
  • S1AP
  • X2AP
  • M2AP
  • M3AP
  • LPP

Protocols – UMTS

  • 3GPP RRC
  • SABP
  • NBAP
  • PCAP
  • RUA

Encoding Schemes

  • Basic Encoding Rules (BER)
  • Distinguished Encoding Rules (DER)
  • Packed Encoding Rules (PER)
  • XML Encoding Rules (XER)
  • Canonical XML Encoding Rules (CXER)
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